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Shippings & Costs

All shippings are registered.

We use the National Mexican Service Postal, normally the delivery time is 8 to 20 working days but some times the shipping takes more days, all depend of your national service postal when the package is in your country.

The cost for package is:
5.4€ to USA & Canada
6.5€ to South America & Europe
6.9€ to the rest of the world
This case only apply in patches and buttons, if you buy a T-shirt, Backpatch, CD, Pin or Vinyl, an extra cost will be applied.

The extra cost for each item is:
CD 3.6€
Pins 0.2€

Vinyl 9.5€
T-shirt 3.6€
Backpatch  0.9€

  The extra cost will be applied of the next way:
Case 1.- If you buy some patches and a T-shirt the cost will be 5.4€* + 3.6€ a total of 9€
Case 2.-If you only buy a CD, Vinyl or T-shirt the shipping cost will be 6.5€** + extra cost item

  The total will be increase for each CD, Vinyl, backpatch, pin or T-shirt added to cart.
We recommend buy 4 items or more if you only want to buy patches and buttons.

*Example with a package to USA or Canada with a price of 5.4€. Remember the cost can be changed depending of your location.
**Example with a package to South America or Europe with a price of 6.5€. Remember the cost can be changed depending of your location.